Gothic and Lolita in LA

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Los Angeles Area Gothic Lolita Community
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This is a community for Los Angeles-area fans of Gothic and Lolita fashions, and its various offshoots. PLEASE NOTE. This is NOT a community for Western/European Gothic fashion...that can be found at gothfash.

What is Lolita fashion? Please look at the userinfo of the community egl for more details, or check out the lolita_handbook.

[1] All sales MUST be Gothic and Lolita-related, and placed under an LJ-cut. For more about Lj-cuts, please go here.
[2] Guys, be polite. Don't tear each other apart...just use common courtesy. We're all here for one purpose only: our love of Lolita fashion, and our desire to share it with others.
[3] USE COMMON SENSE! Don't give out your full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. in comments/entries, and be very careful when giving out e-mails or instant messaging usernames. The last thing we (the mods) want is for any of you to get hurt.
[4] When posting pictures, only post a single, smallish "teaser" photo on the community itself. The rest goes under cut.

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