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Gothic · and · Lolita · in · LA

Give in to the ruffles...

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Hello L.A. lolis!

Just letting you all know there's a new (opened on Valentine's Day) purikura store located in the Northridge Fashion Center in Northridge!  We even have a party room where you can hold meetups and tea parties. :D

Check us out on Facebook as well:

See you soon!

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Hello everyone. Ever since I got into lolita I always wanted to go with a group of fellow lolitas to Disneyland. I'm not sure if a similar post has ever been made and if there has I guess I am resurrecting the idea. Please let me know if anyone is able to go somewhat regularly and what days are good for you. Or if anyone knows of any groups that already do this, I would appreciate being directed to them. Thanks very much and I look forward to everyone's feedback.
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Hi, I'm a fairly new lolita in L.A. and I'd like to meet lolitas in my area =D If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area, feel free to PM me! Thanks!
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I know it's been a LONG while since I first posted to introduce myself, back when I didn't know that FIDM was out to kill me with an overload of homework in addition to my 35hr a week work schedule. :)  Anyhow, even though I can't often attend I do like to keep up with events going on in L.A. concerning Japanese culture and was curious if any of you were considering attending this event.

Apparently there will be a live DJ, fashion show, Hello Kitty appearance, and a signing with Simone Legno.  Here is the official list for you!

The Japan Consulate presents: "Japan. Endless Discovery."
"To convey our heartfelt gratitude for the support we received after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, the Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles and Japan Business Association of Southern California will hold a public appreciation event: "Japan. Endless Discovery."

We will be taking over the popular shopping center The Grove, with activities throughout the day for the whole family, special guest star signings, and special stage shows!

Bubble Punch is proud to be taking part in this momentous event, by producing "Bubble Punch Presents," a showcase of fashion and pop culture from Japan!


☆★☆ 6:00PM: Japanese Street Fashion Show: With Lolita, Mori Girl, Fairy Kei, Visual Kei, Gyaru, Wa-Lolita, styles!
There will also be a special section of the fashion show featuring Sanrio fashions, and a special appearance by Hello Kitty herself!
Music Provided by Tune in Tokyo!

☆★☆ Simone Legno Signing: tokidoki co-founder and creative director Simone Legno will be doing a limited signing at the event!
2:30 - 3:30pm Pick up SIGNING TICKETS at the tokidoki booth on North Gilmore Lane in order to be eligible to meet and get one item signed with Simone Legno! You MUST have a ticket in order to participate in the signing!
3:30pm - 5:30PM: Signing times

Come and find "your Japan" by visiting booths featuring Japanese cutting edge technology, delicious and healthy food, charming characters, traditional culture, and trending fashion and pop culture. Perfect for the whole family!

Other event activities throughout the day include:
★Kimono Show
★Tea Ceremony
★Taiko Performance
★Koto Performance
★Sake Tasting
★Japanese Cultural Showcase of Food, Tourism, Traditional Culture, and Technology

I still don't know if I'm going myself, it's going to come down to a showdown between me and my CAD I final.  However, I thought I'd pass the information along and if I manage to nail the final to the wall early on, perhaps meet up with some of you lovely ladies for a face to face introduction!

P.S.  Friend me on facebook if you might go to the event so I know who I'm looking for! My searchable name is Brianna Bo Hannah <3
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You're invited to "Be My Valentine" Lolita tea party at the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena!

3 Course tea service will be served including:
1st Course - Fresh Scones with Cream, Preserve & Lemon Curd
2nd Course - Assorted Tea Sandwiches
3rd Course - Signature Berry Romanoff

There will be Valentine's Bingo with a chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Also you won't want to miss out on the "Secret Admirer" event! Bring a small gift worth $10 (handmade is welcome, as long as the labor equals $10) and be matched up with your "Secret Admirer".

Please try to make your gift lolita related and avoid generic gifts (candles, bath sets etc.)

Tickets are: $36.32
The price includes the $35 tea service and the small fee charged by Paypal for the event.

Space is very limited and there will only be 28 spots available so please try to buy your tickets early. Ticket sales will end February 19th and must be purchased in advance. We cannot accept payment at the door as we must pay in full prior to the event. Please note tickets are non-refundable as the food etc is pre-booked, they can be exchangeable if someone is willing to take your spot.

Click the link below to buy your ticket!

Facebook event page:

Please state any food allergies or dietary restrictions in the comments box of your payment. We will try our best to accommodate everyone.
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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to gauge interest in a Paris in a cup/ tea party for Valentines day. No date as of yet, most likely a Saturday in mid to late February.

1. Can be up to 28 people
2. Will be around $45 per person (depending on number of people)
3. Has to be paid in advance
4. No refunds, possibly if exchangeable if someone is willing to take the spot.

The $45 is all for the tea service which includes: "A full Tea service of aromatic pots of tea served with freshly-baked warm scones with cream and jam, assorted tea sandwiches and petite savories, salad*, and petit fours. Iced tea, or lemonade or coffee offered upon request. *You may substitute soup for salad or you may add a soup course for an additional $5.00 per guest. "

Link to the tea shop: http://www.parisinacupteasalon.com/

There would also be some kind of additional event of gifting valentines for everyone, or raffle, Secret Admirer (Secret Santa).

Let me know your thoughts!!
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Curry House West LA Meetup
Special Guest: RinRin Dolly
Monday, November 21
7:15-9:00 PM

Meetup DetailsCollapse )
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