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Mad Tea Party @ Royal/T, March 21, 2009 hosted by…

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Mad Tea Party @ Royal/T, March 21, 2009 hosted by The Valley of The Dolls


This is my first time posting here (I lurk everyday) and I would like to share some info about the upcoming Mad Tea Party  on Saturday March 21, 2009 hosted by The Valley of the Dolls at Royal/T.  The theme is Alice in Wonderland and it will be a gathering for Lolitas and doll collectors to enjoy.  Please show us what you've been collecting.  All dolls are welcome!   There will be doll-sized Wonderland sets for dolly displays and photos.  IPC will be the DJ for this event!


Royal/T will be preparing a special "Alice" high tea assortment in addition to their menu.   Valley has always been very generous with their raffle prizes and this time will be raffling off limited eddition "Another Alice" themed dolls.  

Details are under the cut and I hope you can join us in the adventure!


This just in...
We have confirmed the following:
- Giant chess board for the party.
- Fantasy photo backdrop
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(Deleted comment)
On February 18th, 2009 02:40 am (UTC), lolitamum replied:
Hi Lacey,
Yes RSVP is for dining like last time. The pastry chef will be creating something very Alice-ie for this event! (She always comes up with an artist approach to her baked goodies.)
I was fortunate to meet GPK two nights in a row. First was at the Tune in Tokyo dance that was on Feb 29th, and we danced together! (He's just over 6ft tall, and that's not including those naughty platform shoes!) Then on Feb 30th we attended the Blood concert and of course GPK was also performing and we hung out with him after the show. He's a real sweetie...

BTW, Tune in Tokyo is doing a Sweet Lolita themed dance on Thurs Feb 19 at the 2nd Street Jazz Bar and Grill in Little Tokyo. (9pm -2am) WE'll be there and I'm baking "be-lated" Valentines cookies to share with everyone!
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