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Kulov's Valentine's Day Tea Festival in Venice 2/14

I thought I'd share since some fellow lolis may be interested in this.:) My hubby and I are definitely going to try it out so it would be lovely to meet some of you!

"On Valentine's Day, Electric Lodge Performing & Visual Arts Center in Venice will be transformed into a microcosm of old world teas and flavors, celebrating England and its cultural influences. The event will include all things British, with a twist on Alice in Wonderland - from fresh contemporary art to the refinements of the traditional tea party. There will be lots to see, hear, eat and do sure to engage and entertain adults and children alike. Play with the interactive displays, marvel at the art, munch on scones and cucumber sandwiches, and even go down a rabbit hole or two.

Every year around Valentine's Day we host a cultural event honoring a country with a strong tea-drinking tradition," says event producer Kulov. "Last year, we celebrated China, the years before that, Japan and India. This year, our event will culminate in a musical performance of Alice & Her Wonderful Tea Party by the Santa Monica Playhouse."

For more information, here is the event's website: www.kulovteafest.com/

Tickets are only $15 for entry into the festival and the stage performance. The entire event lasts from 2-8 PM. They also encourage guests to dress up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, and as a mini-incentive, those guests will "get a free shot of cherry!" I know I'll be wearing one of my more "Alice" looking loli outfits...

I'm sorry for the last minute posting; I only found out about this last weekend! So if anyone's interested in attending and perhaps meeting up, please post away. ^_^ It looks to be a cozy, charming V-day mini-fest!

EDIT 2/11/09 11:55 PM PST: Since it seems as though there's some interest, I figure I should post a tentative meeting time/place here. For those attending, please let me know if you think the times should be revised!

If it's NOT raining, I propose we meet just outside the Electric Lodge entrance around 1:00 PM and go shopping on Abbot Kinney. For those not going shopping, we can meet again off to the side in the Electric Lodge main lobby around 3:30 PM.

If it IS raining, I propose we just meet off to the side in the Electric Lodge main lobby around 3:30 PM.

Electric Lodge Address:
1416 Electric Avenue
Venice, CA 90291
Google map: maps.google.com/maps
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