February 11th, 2009

Red loli bloomers

Kulov's Valentine's Day Tea Festival in Venice 2/14

I thought I'd share since some fellow lolis may be interested in this.:) My hubby and I are definitely going to try it out so it would be lovely to meet some of you!

"On Valentine's Day, Electric Lodge Performing & Visual Arts Center in Venice will be transformed into a microcosm of old world teas and flavors, celebrating England and its cultural influences. The event will include all things British, with a twist on Alice in Wonderland - from fresh contemporary art to the refinements of the traditional tea party. There will be lots to see, hear, eat and do sure to engage and entertain adults and children alike. Play with the interactive displays, marvel at the art, munch on scones and cucumber sandwiches, and even go down a rabbit hole or two.

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