Festival of Lights Meetup?

Hi! I kind of want to apologize in advance if I accidentally do something wrong, I just joined livejournal and I'm not sure how everything works yet! Let me know if I need to fix something with this entry. Anyways, I was wondering if there are any meetups at the Festival of Lights in downtown Riverside? I know it's not exactly in Los Angeles, but (as far as I could find) there aren't any communities for Riverside county lolitas. Anyways, the Festival of Lights is held every december and I love to go, it's very christmas-y with skating rinks, hot chocolate vendors and even fairy tale horse-drawn carriage rides! It's all very princess-y and and elegant, I think it would be the perfect place for a casual holiday lolita meetup to just walk around and see the sights. I wouldn't be able to plan a meetup for myself (I know no other lolitas and I'm very very new to the community), but I would love to know if there are any meetups now or if someone would like to plan one for this december? Thanks in advance!

FS: BTSSB Shirt $75

Hello! I have been out of lolita for a while, so I am selling a shirt I no longer need. This shirt is from Alice and the Pirates collections and I bought it from the BTSSB store in San Francisco about two years ago. It is still in excellent condition. I have only worn it once and dry cleaned it once! There are no stains, tears, etc. I live in a non-smoking house, but I do have cats! I will be sure to dry clean it again before final sale. The shirt is very comfortable and made of a cotton and knit material. It fit me very well and my bust size is 36C.

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Socal Lolita Group?

I know LJ is pretty dead for the most part, but I wasn't sure where else to go.

I recently sent a add request on the FB page for Socal Lolitas, but it hasn't been approved. Someone told me I should post here first in order to get an add. I'd really love to be up to speed on events and gatherings in the future, here's hoping someone reads this soon!

Looking for a community.

My name is Jessica, I'm nineteen years old & I live in Los Angeles.
I first found out about Lolita fashion in 2009 from surfing the web. I've
always loved and admired the fashion but, was never brave enough to try
wearing it until now. I would love to join a comm and learn from the
more experienced girls but, it appears that my local comm is an invite
only group and I'm not sure on how to join.
I love tatting and sewing and because I'm a full time student my wardrobe will mostly be hand made.
I'd really appreciate it If you shared any advice to a newbie like
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Hello Hello I'm new!!

Hi everyone, my name is Luz like luc(y). I've loved lolita fashion since like Anamerica became Shojo Beat and I started reading Nana... which seems like forever ago. Yet I am actually pretty new at dressing in lolita, and I recently came from Utah where I met a couple of lolis right before I left who informed me about Lj and the lolita communities here. I have yet to meet any lolis around my area. I just recently moved into Glendale so LA is really close to me. It's funny cuz last week I went to take my cat to the vet, which was like around the corner, and BAM! LA territory! Anyway back on track, I am totally down for meet ups and making cute lolita friends if you'll have me!
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Hello~ Moving to Los Angeles

Hello there! My name is Barbara and I am a lolita currently living in Chicago. I am moving to Los Angeles in November and I wanted to introduce myself and maybe get to know some of you online before I arrive. I've been active in the Chicago community since 2009, and I have met a lot of my good friends here through lolita. I dress mainly in gothic and classic styles, and I am also interested and dress in mori-kei, dolly-kei, and japanese avant-garde fashions. I recently graduated from college with a duel major in fashion and costume, and art history. I love history, art, movies, dark music, fashion, and food! I look forward to meeting you all at a meet up in the future!

Lolita's in Palmdale

Well, I've been into Lolita for about 2 years, and i'm about to finally buy my first Lolita outfit, and it would be great if there is a lolita that is in my area, at least ONE. Lol, either a veteran, or anyone I dont always like doing it alone >.<
SO any Lolita's in Palmdale or Lancaster, California?
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