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Angelic Pretty at Anime Expo!!

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Angelic Pretty will be attending Anime Expo this weekend!!

We will be exhibiting through 6/29/12(Fri) ~ 7/2/12(Mon).
The Exhibit hour for the first date (6/29) will be from 12:00PM~6:00PM.
VIP Pass holders will be able to go in at 11:00A
Saturday & Sunday will be from 10:00AM~6:00PM.
The last date (7/2) will be from 10:00AM~3:00PM.

We will be located at booth # 1331, #1333 circled on the map.

Special Announcement!!

Angelic Pretty will proudly be sponsoring Misako Aoki Tea Party at Anime Expo!!

☆☆ Big News!!☆☆
Lolita model Misako Aoki will be at our booth on Friday at 3:30pm ~4:30 pm!!
Don't miss your chance to meet her!
For those who purchase over $100, you will get a signature and a photo with Misako!
We will be having many new items, so please come by our booth!

Thank you!!

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